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Funerals and Interment at Bruton
Funerals and Interment at Bruton

Interment is restricted to present and past members of Bruton Parish Church and their immediate family. Any questions of eligibility will be decided by the Rector and Wardens. If you are interested in being buried in the churchyard, you may obtain the “Policy of Interment” from the Parish Office. Arrangements may be made prior to your death. If this is done, a record of the arrangements will be kept on file in the Parish Office. Other requests, such as specific hymns sung at your memorial or special readings that you would like, can be arranged and kept on file also.

In preparation for this coordination, you may want to obtain the booklet, Planning for Tommorrow: A Church’s Ministry at the Time of Death, provided by the Pastoral Care Ministry.  You can download this booklet from this website at the End of Life Ministry page.


For more information, email the Parish Life Coordinator or call 757-229-2891.  


Last Published: May 4, 2018 11:09 AM