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Bruton Parish Church: An Architectural History
Bruton Parish announces the publication of the first comprehensive architectural history of one of the most important colonial churches in early America,  Bruton Parish Church: An Architectural History by Carl R. Lounsbury.  Marking the three hundredth anniversary of the construction of this much beloved landmark, the author, senior architectural historian for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, analyzes for the first time the major periods of change to the church in the context of their times. He clearly describes what motivated earlier generations of parishioners to alter the building to fit their specific needs and aspirations. 

Aided by many illustrations, plans, elevations, and drawings, he guides the reader from the first brick church at Middle Plantation, now Williamsburg, to the present building which started as the established church in the capital of the colony, suffered from the aftermath of the Revolution, served as a place of worship in a small town in the nineteenth century, and then became a restored national shrine and the active church we know now with over 2,000 parishioners. 

The publication of this book was made possible through the generous contributions of Steve and Marcia Hibbitts; Jonathan Stolz, MD, and Lavery Stolz Willits in memory of their father, John Conwell Stolz, MD; and the Hennage Library at Bruton Parish.   

The Bruton Parish Publications Committee, chaired by Sue Godson, and including John Haskell, Chuck Hobson, Alain Outlaw, Joe Rountree, Linda Rowe, and Thad Tate, guided the book through the various stages of publication.

Available for $19.95, softbound copies may be purchased at the Bruton Parish Shop. Please call (757) 220-1489 or email bpcshop@brutonparish.org to purchase yours today!
Last Published: February 22, 2012 6:04 PM