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The Galapagos Islands Darwin & Divinity Tour (5/2013)
May 3 - 12, 2013
Sponsored by the Kirbas Institute

Sponsored by the Kirbas Institute, it is the institute's privilege, pleasure, and sheer excitement to invite you to join in a spiritual and physical journey that you will never forget. Many of us have learned the story of Charles Darwin and his famous journey to the Galapagos Islands, but when we have the opportunity to stand in the very places where his discoveries were made, and see the very landscape in which the theory of evolution took shape, we gain insights that are deeper and richer than we ever imagined. 

Once you participate in this eco-friendly tour, you will never think of nature in the same way. The sciences of biology and evolution will take on whole new levels of meaning. In addition, we'll look at ways in which evolutionary science can find compatibility with our religious traditions, and of how science can enrich our worship and our spirituality. A journey to the Galapagos islands will provide you with lasting memories, and with a new set of friends as you develop and wonderful bond with your fellow travelers. In abundant and numerous ways, this journey will be one of the greatest blessings in your life.

Led by Dr. Paul Kirbas and Bruton’s own Dr. John Kerr, during this once-in-a-lifetime journey, you will visit some amazing natural settings. You'll be able to get close and personal with exotic and rare animals and plants. You'll learn fascinating new things from our experienced and knowledgeable naturalist guides. You'll enjoy the leadership of Dr. John Kerr, as he brings us his wealth of knowledge and experience in finding fruitful intersections between faith and evolutionary science. Dr. Kerr's "Darwin & Divinity" course at The College of William & Mary is so popular that it is regularly overfilled.

For more information about the tour, please stop by the Parish House to pick up a pamphlet which includes costs, itinerary, etc. or check-out the tour at the Kirbas Institute website.  Register and make plans now to join us!
Last Published: May 24, 2012 9:37 AM