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Being a Stephen Minister
Autumn is a time for new beginnings. As the school year starts and activities gear up, the churches in Williamsburg, and Bruton in particular, are planning the beginning of a new class of Stephen Ministers. People who are hurting or in crisis do not have to be alone in their pain. A Stephen Minister is a Christian friend who will walk alongside the person during a difficult time, bringing the assurance of God's love and mercy.
During the training class, beginning in January 2014, new Stephen Ministers will learn ways to listen effectively to their care receiver's concerns, keeping everything between them strictly confidential. Stephen Ministers are not expected to fix problems. With Christ at the center of the relationship, their job is simply to care for the person and allow God to provide the cure.

The wonderful part about Stephen Ministry is that we, the care givers, seem to get so much more than we give. Stephen Ministers across the country write about the blessings they have received as they work with those in need. Here are a few examples.

"Since becoming a Stephen Minister, I've experienced a richness of God's grace beyond anything I could have imagined. To truly listen with the ears of Christ, to see others through his eyes, to know his heart, to see Jesus working through you to touch the life of someone else is a window into heaven." (William, Business Owner, Katy, Texas)

"God gave me a heart for other people. Stephen Ministry gave me the skills I needed to minister to others and bring God's love into their lives during a time of deep need. I'm humbled and awed God can use me like this."  (Charlotte, Case Management, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

"Being a Stephen Minister has taught me to rely on God instead of always trying to fix things myself. I've learned what to say, how to listen, and what to do during a crisis. It's a great feeling to provide people with the spiritual care and support they need." (John, Physician, Greenwood, South Carolina)

And a special gift from one of our own Bruton Parish Stephen Ministers. "What we realize, as we walk with people, is that it is a complete circle of trust and growth — the care receiver, the care giver, and the presence of Jesus.  My prayers, as I prepare to visit my care receiver, allow me to enter the circle each time we talk, open and ready to do what is needed. The journey is not what we do for them but the shared experience of understanding and listening.”
“The gift is a shared one, and being a Stephen Minister enables one to grow in ways that are amazing.  Stephen Ministers have an opportunity to be there, but with guidance and training, step aside and allow the best in another person truly to shine.  What a gift!"

Perhaps, as you read these thoughts, you found you'd like to learn more about Stephen Ministry. Please call one of Bruton's Stephen Leaders: Charlie Clapper at 757-564-6191 or Mary Jean Hurst at 757-810-5112 for more information.

Last Published: October 24, 2013 3:27 PM