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The Bruton Parish Church Foundation, Inc.
Mission Statement: The Bruton Parish Church Foundation provides financial support for Bruton Parish Church and its Christian ministries by encouraging philanthropy, gratefully receiving money, securities and other valuable assets, and prudently investing all gifts and bequests made to the Foundation, building an endowment that will provide funds for the current operations and future needs of the Church.
The Bruton Parish Church Foundation, Inc. (“The Foundation”) was established in 2003.  A Virginia tax-exempt non-stock corporation, The Foundation exists to receive gifts and bequests made to Bruton Parish Church outside of annual giving.  Its purpose is to assist the church to fully carry out its mission and develop its ministries.

Foundation assets are invested in The Diocesan Composite Fund — a professionally managed permanent fund sponsored by the Diocese of Southern Virginia.  The intent is that the principal be preserved and grow over time, while a portion of the earnings may be distributed annually for the benefit of Bruton Parish Church. The annual distribution is expected to range from 3-5 percent of the three-year rolling average of assets.  The distribution may be applied for broad purposes, such as capital needs, outreach, program needs, or new ministries.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, which meets quarterly to review financial reports and provide continuous oversight. Four members are permanent directors who hold their positions by virtue of their positions in the parish.  Between three and eight additional directors are appointed by the vestry for staggered three-year terms.  

The Foundation gratefully accepts contributions at any time. They generally fall into two categories: current gifts and planned gifts.

Current gifts are outright gifts of cash or securities.  They may be made as memorial gifts in honor of someone who has died.  The family of the deceased specifies that friends and loved ones may make a donation to The Bruton Parish Church Foundation. This is a generous and thoughtful way to recognize someone who was devoted to Bruton during their earthly life. Such contributions will build up the Foundation’s assets for future years.  Whether large or small, they produce income in perpetuity.  Current gifts may also be made in appreciation for or in honor of a living person, perhaps to mark a special occasion, accomplishment or milestone.  Gifts to The Foundation are generally tax-deductible.

planned gift means that a person has made the decision to make the Foundation a recipient in their estate planning.  Planned gifts most commonly take the form of a bequest in a will or trust, but there are other options that are suitable in individual cases. Each option is a means of making an educated choice about the disposition of one’s resources.  A group called the 1715 Society exists to recognize and thank those who have made a planned gift in any form or amount.

Understanding gift planning and making it available at Bruton is known as The Ministry of Gift Planning. A brochure was created summarizing the ways in which gift planning can work to benefit the donor, the donor’s family and The Foundation. It is available at the reception desk in the Parish House.  For further information, contact Marty Easton, Development Director, by emailing measton@brutonparish.org 

Gifts may be made in appreciation, in honor, or in memory of someone you as you specify, and we will notify this person or people according to your instructions. Checks payable to The Bruton Parish Church Foundation, Inc. may be mailed to:
Bruton Parish Church
P.O. Box 3520
Williamsburg, Virginia 23187-3520
Attn: Finance Office
You may also follow this link make a gift online
2017 Board of Directors
The Rev'd Christopher L. Epperson, Rector
John Fogarty, Senior Warden
Steve Hibbitts, Treasurer
Stephanie H. King, Chair, Ministry of Gift Planning
William H. Carr
Bryant Cureton
William F. Grant
Ken Johnston
Alison V. Lennarz, President
Todd Skinner
Dick Strzelecki
Last Published: March 9, 2017 9:59 AM