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Christ-centered community that nurtures and values each member.
We practice our faith through biblically-based liturgy, preaching and music.
We teach young and old about God through our Anglican tradition.
We reach out through our talents and resources to our visitors, our community and our world.
Lenten Devotionals

Please share your reflections regarding a Lenten Gospel reading with the congregation of Bruton Parish.  This is a long-standing tradition in our church.  Whether you are new to Bruton or have been here for years, we'd like to have you participate in this annual project.  We need you to sign up now so that we can assign a reading to you in early December.  The reflection should be under 240 words.  All you do is study the assigned Gospel reading, prepare your reflection as a Word document, and email it to Rita Grove at ECWDevotional@brutonparish.org.  An example of a writing from another year will be included with the instructions you'll receive along with your assignment.  The reflections will be collected into a Devotional booklet with one writing for each day of Lent.  Contact Elizabeth Greaf at 516-383-1137 or Rita Grove at 757 564-9134 if you need more information.


Last Published: November 22, 2017 11:17 AM