Walking through history into the future with Christ
We welcome all into a
Christ-centered community that nurtures and values each member.
We practice our faith through biblically-based liturgy, preaching and music.
We teach young and old about God through our Anglican tradition.
We reach out through our talents and resources to our visitors, our community and our world.
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The Board of Directors of the Endowment Fund establishes grant allocation annually based on the fund’s current and projected asset values and returns.  It is the policy of the Endowment Fund not to subsidize routine operating expenses of the Church.
Priority for funding will be:
  • The first priority for funding will be requests for maintenance and repair of the Church and Churchyard.
  • The second priority for funding will be requests for the ministry and music programs of the Church.
  • The third priority for funding will be other capital or special projects identified by the Vestry in the order of priority set by the Vestry.
Recently 4-4.2% of NAV three-year average
The Endowment Board of Directors provides budget and allocation in August for the forthcoming year; the Bruton Parish Church Vestry responds with a prioritized list of items in November.
Priorities are:
  • Maintenance and repair of the church and churchyard.
  • Music and ministry.
  • Other capital of special request, prioritized.
  • Start up funding for new initiatives.
2009   $480K
2010   $430K
2011   $409K
2012   $489K
2013   $445K
2014   Unavailable until audit completed
Last Published: March 26, 2015 4:21 PM