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Nominations are open for delegates and alternates to the 2018 Annual Council -- the two-day meeting of congregations of the Diocese of Southern Virginia. It features elections and other business, worship, an address by Bishop Hollerith, and a guest keynote speaker. The 126th Annual Council of the Diocese of Southern Virginia will take place February 9-10, 2018.
    Bruton Parish sends six delegates to Council. The term of a delegate is three years. Every year, two delegates rotate off and two new ones are elected. Previously elected and attending in 2018 are Janet Estes, Elizabeth Greaf, Spence Webster, and Fay Weirich. The two new delegates will join them.
    The term of an alternate is one year only, 2018. Two alternates attend Council and vote in the event that a delegate is absent. Both delegates and alternates also attend an evening Convocation V pre-meeting held several weeks before Council.
    Janet Estes writes: "I have had the honor of being a delegate to the Annual Council for 2016 and 2017. I was able to download and read materials prior to the meetings by accessing them on the Diocese's website, and so I felt well prepared. It was a pleasure sitting at the Bruton table with the clergy and other delegates, while being informed of the interesting programs and activities taking place throughout our diocese. The speakers were excellent, and it was a lovely feeling to be surrounded by so many Episcopalians from our area. I am so glad I have another year to go!" For an overview of the 2017 Annual Council, visit www.diosova.org.
    To submit a nomination, please send an email to register@brutonparish.org or leave a note at the reception desk to the attention of Jeanette Cureton. Nominations are due by June 12. In June the Vestry elects delegates and alternates from nominations received. As for qualifications, the Canons state: "All Lay Delegates shall be confirmed Communicants in good standing in the Parish or Mission they are elected to represent." Thank you!
Last Published: April 27, 2017 1:48 PM