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Online Pictorial Directory


Are you dreaming of warm sunsets, exotic places, sandy beaches or beautiful mountains? Have you taken pictures over the years in these locales with your family? Do you have some vintage photos like this one that captures just the right moment? Do they even make inner tube floats anymore!
    PLEASE DO NOT SEND THOSE PHOTOS into the pictorial directory. We want your NEW photos like the one below!
    You know you are going to take that photo with just the right light and a beautiful setting - maybe with matching khaki pants and white shirts to best show off a beach scene. Please send those over the summer to Hilary Cooley at directory@brutonparish.org.
      We also need your signed Personal Information Consent Form in order to publish your information in the new directory which may be available on November 2, All Saints Day.  The cutoff date for pictures and consent forms for the first LIVE round is October 15st, so get snapping this summer! We want to see your family photos.

There are many ways to obtain the Personal Information Consent Form (PICF), which is required to be completed for this pictorial directory. Physical forms are available at the Parish House, the Custis House and online. Please pick one up (or download at the link above and print it from the website). Complete the form and then be sure to return it.  You can return it when you have your picture taken. You can return it by mailing/dropping it off at the church office.  You can return it when you're at the Custis House on Sundays during Coffee Connections by placing it in the available box.  You can return it by scanning it, completing it, and emailing it to directory@brutonparish.org. Just, return it!

We anticipate that by the time we have collected your pictures, we will have access to a ChurchLife App for use with smartphones, which will also assist us with keeping the directory up to date. Bruton has over 2000 members in 2017. Thank you for being one of them!
Last Published: October 16, 2017 4:43 PM