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Vestry Nominations


What does it mean to be a member of the Bruton Parish vestry?  Generally, it means responding to God's call to be a channel of God's love, by supporting the clergy's leadership toward spiritual vitality of the parish.  We do this through faithful, active participation in worship and parish life.  It also means representing the parish with leadership in the management of finances, buildings, grounds and other assets.  Vestry meetings are held once a month on Monday evenings.

The Bruton Parish vestry has 12 members.  The term of a vestryperson is three years.  Like all churches in the Diocese of Southern Virginia, we use a rotating vestry system.  It is designed so that each year four members rotate off and four new members join.
Members of the parish are invited to nominate someone you believe to be called to this ministry.   After receiving consent from the person, fill out and return the bottom portion.  You may also nominate yourself.  The 2019 nominating committee will consider all nominations received and seek more if necessary.

The nominating committee will have six members.  Four are retiring vestrypersons: Douglas Boller, Terri Cordle, Dick Estes and Johanna Thompson.  The other four will be recruited from the parish at large.  The committee will identify a balanced slate of four willing individuals, representative of the congregation.  Nominees will be formally elected at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, November 17, 2019

A nominee must be a confirmed adult communicant in good standing, faithful in corporate worship, in giving and in prayer. Please speak with the Rev'd's Chris Epperson or Lauren McDonald if you have questions about vestry service or the nomination process.

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Click here for the Vestry Nomination Form.  You may hand deliver or mail your nomination to the attention of Douglas Boller by Friday, September 27.  If you prefer, include the information requested in an email to Douglas Boller and send it to vestrynoms@brutonparish.org.  



Last Published: August 23, 2019 2:56 PM