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Friends & A Day in Smithfield
Friends of Bruton is sponsoring a day-trip to historic Smithfield on Saturday, October 21. The tour will be led by renowned historic architect Dr. Carl Lounsbury and will include:
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
St. Luke’s is the oldest church in Virginia and oldest church in British North America of brick construction. According to local tradition, the structure was built in 1632. It is of particular interest to Bruton Parish Church because (absent the tower) its dimensions are within inches of the brick church that preceded our present 1715 church building.
Lunch at Smithfield Inn
During the 1700s, Smithfield’s bustling wharf harbor had become a popular destination for ships bringing goods from the Old World to the New. Those ships would then return loaded down with two New World delicacies — peanuts and the hams that have made Smithfield world famous. An original town residence was converted to an inn and tavern in 1759 to serve those traveling from Norfolk to Richmond by stagecoach, steamboat and, more recently, by motor car. Thus began the over 250 years of Southern hospitality and charm that still defines the “Old Inn on Main Street.”
Bacon’s Castle
Bacon’s Castle, the nation’s only surviving High Jacobean structure, was originally home to a prosperous planter, Arthur Allen, and his family. Following Allen’s death, the house was inherited by his son, Major Arthur Allen II. A loyalist supporter of the colonial government and member of the House of Burgesses, Major Allen was driven from his house in 1676 by followers of the patriot rebel Nathaniel Bacon, whose uprising later came to be known as Bacon’s Rebellion. The episode later gave Bacon’s Castle its name though the house remained in the Allen family until 1844.  If time permits, we will visit the oldest English formal garden in North America. The reconstructed garden replicates what was on site during the lifetime of Arthur Allen and his son.
Windsor Castle (Tentative)
The plantation dates to a land grant of 1,450 acres by the King of England to Arthur Smith in 1637. Arthur Smith’s great grandson, Arthur Smith IV, established the town of Smithfield in 1750. The first recorded use of the name “Windsor Castle” dates from 1884.

The cost of the tour will be $25/person and includes all admissions. Lunch at Smithfield will be “on your own”.  Transportation will be by carpool. The tour will be limited to a maximum to of 25 people, so make your reservation early by contacting Hilary Cooley at 757-229-2891 or  via email at hcooley@brutonparish.org.
The Itinerary (All times are approximate)
8:30 am – Assemble at Parish House to carpool to Smithfield
9:00 am – Depart Parish House parking lot for Smithfield
10:30 am – Visit St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
12:00 Noon – Lunch at Historic Smithfield Inn
(T) 12:45 pm – Brief visit to Windsor Castle, Smithfield
2:00 pm – Visit Bacon’s Castle
4:30/5pm – Return to Parish House Parking Lot
Last Published: September 27, 2017 10:35 AM