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The Connections between W&M & Bruton
The close relationship between Bruton Parish and William and Mary dates back to July 23, 1690. The newly appointed Commissary of the Bishop of London, James Blair, introduced the founding of a college in the colony in his “Several Propositions.”  The following year Blair travelled to England seeking the support for a college from church leaders and the reigning monarchs.
    In February 1693, King William and Queen Mary granted a charter for a college in Williamsburg and named James Blair its president for life. Blair continued serving as Commissary and Rector of Bruton Parish Church as well as presiding over the new college until his death in 1743.
    The connections between Bruton Parish Church and the College of William and Mary will be the topic of the next Sweet Discourse on Wednesday, November 15. Coffee and dessert will be served in Lewis Hall in the Parish House beginning at 6:30pm with the program to follow at 7pm.
    Wilford Kale, a well-known local author, speaker and historian, will be our speaker. He is a retired newspaper journalist who has made his home in the Williamsburg area for nearly 55 years. He was bureau chief for The Richmond Times-Dispatch from 1971-1992 and has written extensively on the Historic Triangle’s history in books and magazines.
    His best known book is Hark Upon the Gale: A History of the College of William and Mary, which many of you may already own. His most recent volume, From Student to Warrior: A Military History of the College of William and Mary, was published in late April of this year. Kale has recently signed a contract to write a book on the history of Yorktown.
    Anne Conkling encourages guides and members of the church to attend. “Do come to our November Sweet Discourse. Wilford and I have been friends for many years,” said Anne, “and he is a dedicated researcher. He will share the history of the college and its connection to the church. Religion and education have always had a closely-knit relationship. Come on November 15 and get acquainted with Wilford.  He is a great storyteller.”
Last Published: October 24, 2017 2:41 PM