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End of School Year Project for Matthew Whaley
Parishioners will have one last opportunity to provide needy students at Mathew Whaley Elementary School with activity books and other items that they can take home for the summer vacation. On Sunday, May 6, tags with specific items to be purchased for a student will be handed out by Matthew 25 committee members after the morning services.
    Each tag will include a list of the items as  well as the grade and gender of the school student. The items are to be returned in a gift bag to the Parish House no later than Monday, June 4.
    Kendall Almasian, Social Counselor at Matthew Whaley, worked with Janet Estes, Co-Chair of the Matthew 25, to develop the list of items that include activity books, a play ball, Play-Doh and Lego blocks. The items can all be purchased at Target or Walmart or ordered from Amazon.
Last Published: April 24, 2018 5:14 PM