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Bruton Builders & Habitat for Humanity
Learn here how to volunteer with other Bruton parishioners alongside Habitat for Humanity
Bruton Builders recently completed a ramp for a local resident. We built it for someone whom Housing Partnerships had identified as a person who needed it to have access to her home.  Below is a note from Housing Partnerships which shows how grateful they are for the work that we did.  We plan to continue to help residents identified as in need of help, and we are hoping that more Bruton parishioners will join with those of us who are already working with Bruton Builders.  We can use both skilled and not-so-skilled help.  There is something for everyone to do, and we have lots of fun while we are helping someone who needs assistance. Please contact Lou Nucci at builders@brutonparish.org or (757) 564-9222 if you have questions or want to volunteer to work with Bruton Builders.
     Bruton is also partnering with Habitat for Humanty to build a house for the Hawkins family (pictured below).  The weather has not cooperated with us which has delayed the construction.  However, we are planning a big work day on Saturday, October 13. We are excited that we will once again be working with volunteers from LifePointe Christian Church, the group with whom we built a house for Pam Smith on Richmond Road. Please contact Isabel Burch at habitat@brutonparish.org or (757) 253-0074 if you have questions or want to volunteer for the Habitat project.
    We have a chance to join in a work day at Chanco on Saturday, December 1.  They have several carpentry based projects including building storage shelves in the new arts and crafts pavilion. Please contact Nash Francis at (757) 564-4727 or email chanco@brutonparish.org to volunteer or ask questions about this opportunity.   
Habitat for Humanity House:  This summer Bruton will be helping to build a Habitat for Humanity House.  Volunteers with or without carpentry skills are needed to help build the house, to provide food for the workers, to oversee youth while parents are working, and to coordinate with Habitat for Humanity. Click here to volunteer or if you have questions, please contact habitathouse@brutonparish.org.
Last Published: September 25, 2018 11:23 AM