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Christ-centered community that nurtures and values each member.
We practice our faith through biblically-based liturgy, preaching and music.
We teach young and old about God through our Anglican tradition.
We reach out through our talents and resources to our visitors, our community and our world.
Help Make Ribbon Crosses
Women of Bruton: Help Make Ribbon Crosses

Please join us on Thursday, November 15, from 10am to noon in the Coffee, Tea & Thee Room for fellowship and the making of Ribbon Crosses. These crosses are sold in the Bruton Parish Gift Shop and funds go directly to women at Bruton programs such as Avalon, Winter Shelter and Canterbury programs.  Please contact Alice Oates or Melinda Morgan at womentowomen@brutonparish.org if you have any questions.
Last Published: October 22, 2018 4:18 PM