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Come, Lord Jesus: Advent Quiet Aftermoom

Join in a Quiet Afternoon of Hopeful Waiting! The Women of Bruton invite you to join us on Thursday, December 6, the day we remember Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, for an Advent Quiet Afternoon in the church from 3-5pm. All are welcome to come spend a couple of hours in the church as evening falls.  
        We will experience the late afternoon beauty of Bruton Parish, listen to guided meditation, and sit in quiet prayer as we prepare for the child who comes in glory to make all things new. Come for a half hour, hour, or stay for the full two hours (we request that you enter and leave on the half hour). Please join us as we reflect on this Advent Season.  
    Guided meditation, prayer, silence in community, and soul nournishment will await you in this season of waiting.
Last Published: November 19, 2018 7:18 PM