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Gift Wrapping for Matthew Whaley M25 Project
Once again the Matthew Whaley Project would like to thank members of Bruton Parish for their donations to our Fall Clothing Drive. T-shirts and blue jeans for over twenty students were provided for the Nurse's Closet at the school. These items of clothing will ensure that students will have access to a change of clothing if any accidents occur during the school day.
    Please plan to join members of the M25 committee on Monday, December 10, has been rescheduled to 1:30pm this afternoon in Lewis Hall of the Parish House to wrap holiday boxes of nonperishable food items that will be delivered to families of Matthew Whaley Elementary School students in need. These boxes of food will provide families with snacks and meals during the two week Christmas break when students will not be eating at least one meal each day in the school lunch room.
    Bring your scissors, tape and holiday gift wrap to assist the committee with making the food boxes into colorful and festive gifts from Bruton Parish. This has proven to be a fun project that will put everyone in the Christmas spirit as well as provide needed nourishment for our friends at Matthew Whaley.
Last Published: December 10, 2018 9:25 AM