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Friends Day: May 4, 2019
Plans are underway for an exceptional Seventh Annual Friends Day on Saturday, May 4, 2019! Three events in 1619 would have major influence on the English New World and the nation that evolved. During that year, the first representative assembly met at the church in Jamestown. Jamestown also saw the first introduction of enslaved Africans in the New World. A third significant event impacting Jamestown was the decision by the Virginia Company of London to order women, “maids young and uncorrupt” be recruited “to make wives to the inhabitants.” Truly, 1619 was a momentous year and one that deserves recognition.
    The year 2019 represents the 400th anniversary of these momentous events.  Plans are developing to conduct Friends Day events at Jamestown.
    The Friends of Bruton Committee is pleased to announce that the luncheon speaker will be The Honorable John Charles Thomas, the first African-American and the youngest person ever appointed to serve as an Associate Justice on the Virginia Supreme Court.
    Due to space limitations for the luncheon at Jamestown, early registration is recommended. Reserve your place by calling (757) 345-2252 or emailing hcooley@brutonparish.org.
Last Published: November 20, 2018 1:28 PM