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Fall Series: Pilgrimages: Medieval & Contemporary
The past two decades have seen a revival of pilgrimages to medieval sites. As described in the William & Mary Institute of Pilgrimage Studies literature, pilgrimage is a universally human experience that by nature is very personal. People go to a place that is meaningful to them and affirm their values by going there. Every religion has some sort of traveling spiritual experience. It is a global phenomenon.
    "The pilgrimage trails are multipurpose. People heal. People bond. People meet other people and tell their stories. Pilgrims will listen and understand." In the words of the Institute's Founder: "A pilgrimage is not a panacea or simple answer to all problems,  but it does show a way of hope and physical, spiritual and intellectual rejuvenation. Pilgrimage is a cultural universal, a longing for transcendence, a willingness to leave home to find one's center. Those who study and lead pilgrimages can be peace builders in a troubled world."
    The series will be preceded with refreshments at 6:30pm. The talks, beginning at 7pm, will typically last an hour and are followed by a question and answer period. We advertise the series to the larger community and hope to have excellent attendance.
Thursday, September 19
Pilgrimages to The Holy Land

Bruton Parish Clergy, Father Chris Epperson and
the Rev’d Lauren McDonald, will share their pilgrimage experiences in the Holy Land.
Thursday, September 26
 Medieval Pilgrimage: "The Canterbury Tales"

John Conlee, Emeritus Professor of Medieval Literature at W&M,
will discuss Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales."
Thursday, October 3
Modern-Day Pilgrimage: Camino de Santiago, Spain

George Greenia, W&M Emeritus Professor of Modern Languages and
Founder of W&M Institute of Pilgrimage Studies.
Dr. Greenia will be joined by Sandy Lenthall, a pilgrim who will share her experiences
walking The Way seven times. Coincidentally, Dr. Greenia was just awarded the
2019 prestigious International Prize Grupo Compostela-Xunta de Galicia, which promotes cultural traditions and values. Previous honorees include Vaclav Havel and Carla del Ponte.
Video of this presentation will not be available.
Thursday, October 10
Buddhist & Hindu Pilgrimages

Professors Kevin Vose and Mark McLaughlin
of W&M’s Department of Religious Studies will lecture on
Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimages.
Tuesday, October 15
Pilgrimages to The Holy Land

The Rt. Rev'd James Magness, Interim Bishop of the Diocese of Southern Virginia,
will share his pilgrimage experiences.

Last Published: October 16, 2019 12:34 PM