Campaign Mission
The Campaign for the Fourth Century has been designed by and for the people of Bruton Parish, that we may each give as we are able, and effectively support both the present and future church.
Latest News
The amount pledged or received in the Campaign for the Fourth Century stands at $6,920,596 as of September 15, 2016.  We are 87% of the way toward our goal of $8,000,000 with just over three months to reach it!  A reminder that our 2017 annual pledges will be included in Campaign participation.
Annual Giving 2016 stands at $1,294,886 from the parish as of September 15.  The Campaign for the Fourth Century made Annual Giving 2016 a top priority -- to increase the annual operating budget significantly and break out of a pattern of flat income since 2009. By surpassing last year already, we've taken a step in the direction of an upward trend that will keep our fiscal lifeline strong. Thank you for your part in this strong showing for Annual Giving 2016.
We offered another procedure for giving during the May Challenge and are continuing it now.   It is through and allows for one-step credit card use from your computer or phone. Parishioners, Friends and others connected to Bruton may find it easier or advantageous to transact their giving this way. Visit
The number of pledges to date has increased to 537 from 506 last year. This is another sign of vitality. More people have been touched in some way by our mission, worship and work, and want to offer support financially.
A Word From the Rector
In many ways, the 300th anniversary has been filled with a spirit of gratitude and hope.  The Campaign for the Fourth Century is an outgrowth of these feelings.  We are called to embrace a challenge; my prayer is that we are generous and responsive in our time, as others were before us.
Campaign Overview
This is a comprehensive campaign in progress until December 31, 2016.  Its steering committee, vestry and clergy are working jointly to achieve our goal of $8,000,000.  The Campaign encompasses two years of annual giving pledges (2016 and 2017) and promotes our planned giving program in support of the Bruton Parish Church Foundation, Inc.  The capital project of the Campaign is raising needed funds for a new pipe organ and associated work on the interior of the church.
Objective 1 — increase the annual operating budget significantly, to levels that can support greater outreach to those in need and ongoing investment in the care and maintenance of the church and other buildings.  This is a need identified eight or more years ago and now a priority of the Campaign. 
Objective 2 — a new congregational organ.  It is hard to imagine coming to church without service music and hymns accompanied by a pipe organ.  Yet our current organ is failing.  Fortunately a highly regarded American builder has designed a new organ for our space, to perpetuate and enhance spiritual life and music for parishioners and our community.  On March 7, 2016, Bruton Parish and Dobson Pipe Organ Builders jointly announced the commissioning of a new pipe organ.  The 96th commission for the firm, the organ will be built in the Dobson shop in Lake City, Iowa.
To read an article written by Rebecca Davy, Bruton's Music Director & Organist, which was published in the Summer 2016 issue of The Bruton Fount, click the link below:
To read the announcement of the organ commissioning, click the link below:
To read two Special Editions of the Chronicle about the Pipe Organ, click the links below:
Objective 3 — grow the Bruton Parish Church Foundation.   By means of the Campaign we wish to promote and enhance our planned giving program.  As the assets of the Foundation grow, so too
can annual disbursements supporting Bruton’s mission and ministry.  The 1715 Society is growing as it welcomes a new group of members: those who have provided for the Foundation in their estate plan and are participating in the Campaign in this fashion.
Realizing the objectives above will strengthen Bruton Parish today and ensure it remains a flourishing place tomorrow.  Thank you. 
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The Campaign Committee

Isabel Burch
Margaret Driscoll
Marty Easton, Chair
Rev'd Chris Epperson, Rector
Stephanie King
Alison Lennarz
Al Louer