Planning for Tomorrow: The Church's Ministry at the Time of Death
Everyone at some point will have to deal with the death of a loved one, whether it is after a lingering sickness or from a sudden tragedy.  At such a point in our lives, it is reassuring to know that the church’s ministry is available to assist us.  That is the intention of this booklet (click HERE to download in PDF format or click HERE to access a Word document).  We trust you will find it very helpful at the time of death of a loved one. 
It is also intended to help members and those you love prepare for your death. This booklet contains helpful forms so that the family might honor the wishes of the deceased at the time of death.  We suggest that by answering the questions now and returning a copy of the booklet to the confidential file in the parish office, you will simplify decisions and details for your family, and give them assurance that arrangements are in accord with your desires. 
For more information, please contact any of Bruton's clergy or contact with Christine Britton, Parish Life Coordinator (757-229-2891 or email, if you have any questions regarding the booklet or any arrangements.