Christian Stewardship is faithful management of all the gifts God has given to humankind - time, talents, the created world and money, including accumulated, inherited and appreciated assets.  Three areas described below enable us to fulfill our mission at Bruton Parish Church, and joyfully “walk through history into the future with Christ”.
Annual Giving 2019
Bruton Parish relies on the financial support of its members and all who consider it their church home.  Every fall, members are asked to make a pledge for the coming year.  Those joining the parish may make their pledge at any point in the year.  A pledge signifies your willingness to commit an amount-- your “best estimate”-- towards the work of God at this place and time. 
If you couldn't attend the Finance Forum and lunch on October 7, the PowerPoint presentation that was given is now available here.  Please take a few minutes to review it, as well as the material that was mailed to your home, for guidance with discerning  your 2019 pledge. Thank you!
The Story of Bruton Parish Church
Is ...
God’s people worshiping together
Committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Grounded in our heritage
Sustained by mutual support
Energized by faith in the future.
Bruton Parish has served God and mankind for many years! Yet our Lord’s work is an ongoing story, and we are here writing it today.
I’m blessed by Bruton Parish, the many opportunities to be in God’s presence: Sunday mornings, Evensongs, Compline, all in a peaceful and beauteous setting.  Thanks be to God and Bruton for providing a place for worship and praise. — Claudia Powell
I receive many blessings directing the children's and youth programs at Bruton.  Each time I encounter the children, their wonderment and knowledge restore me, and I learn so much from them! We grow spiritually together, and our lives are forever enriched by the fellowship, friendships and fun.  — Meghan O. Brewer
Each person or family is asked to submit a pledge on or before November 4, 2018 for the work of Bruton Parish Church next year.
A Look at Projected 2019 Finances
Sources of Revenue
In 2019, annual pledges will provide $1,400K or 68% of our total income.              
Expenses by Type  
Annual Giving provides for the full range of Bruton Parish’s mission and ministry in these broad categories. $150K revenue surplus will allow loan payment by 12/31/19.
Why Bruton Parish Needs Your Pledge
When we all pledge, Bruton Parish can budget reasonably for 2019 and anticipate for 2020. The practice of pledging reflects our values. It is a mark of faithful stewardship, of seeking the right balance with the gifts God has entrusted to us.  By our pledges we take care of our church and the earth it inhabits, our parish family and wider community. 
How Much To Pledge
Grow in Giving and Strive to Tithe!  The Bible speaks of giving in proportion to what we have received.  The biblical standard for that giving is 10% of one's income.  We ask you to please grow your pledge for 2019.  Figure your current percentage of giving and increase it by one, two, three percent, or more, and continue to do so each year.  Pledged income is essential to Bruton Parish’s financial health and ongoing work. To meet our goal of $1.4M, pledges of every size from every person or family are needed. 
We appreciate the collaboration and work of Bruton Parish volunteers, bringing us one step closer to providing safe, warm and dry housing for our neighbors.  — Brandie Weiler, Housing Partnerships, Inc.
It is my pleasure to work with Bruton Parish volunteers. Matthew Whaley students have benefited in many ways from this partnership. We greatly appreciate every individual who gives time to assist our students, and we surely feel the love that has been shown to our “Little Patriots.” — Kendall Almasian, School Counselor, Matthew Whaley Elementary School
We moved to Williamsburg during last January’s snowstorm. By the end of February, we finally made our way to a 9:15 Sunday service. What a wonderful decision! We now attend a different service each week and have found the same welcome, invitation to participate, and congegational warmth at each. Thank you all for creating an environment where it’s easy to feel the peace of God that passes all understanding.  We look forward to meeting more of you!  Ray & Patti Bozman
Growing up in Williamsburg, Bruton Parish was an integral part of my childhood and young adulthood. Today, I find it still enriching my life. Wonderful liturgy, breadth of music, thought-provoking programs, a wealth of special friendships ... for all these things,  I give THANKS. Bessie Bierer
How To Pledge
Invest yourself in the Bruton Parish story!  Invest yourself in the Bruton Parish story! Please either: 1) stop by the Parish House for a pledge card; 2) email or call the Finance Office at or (757) 345-2256 and ask that one be mailed to you; or 3) click "PLEDGE" and it will will direct you to complete a pledge form online.  THANK YOU for the time, energy and money you offer to the essential ministries Bruton Parish provides.
Ways of Making Pledge Payments
By Check in the offering plate or by mail.
By Automated Payments arranged with your bank.
Online with a Credit Card at
Gifts of Stock
Donate appreciated securities or mutual funds held longer than one year and receive a tax deduction without paying capital gains tax. Provide your broker these transfer instructions:  Account Name: Bruton Parish Episcopal Church; Fidelity Investments DTC #0226; Brokerage Account # X90-766745; Your Name (required)
Gifts from an IRA and Satisfy your Required Minimum Distribution
Those 70.5 years of age or better may make a Qualified Charitable Distribution directly from an IRA. For those taking the standard deduction, it is a real benefit because, in effect, you get a deduction over and above the standard deduction. Provide your IRA custodian this information for sending a check: Bruton Parish Church, P.O. Box 3520, Williamsburg, VA, 23187-3520; Attn: Finance Office; EIN # 54-051-9571; From: Your Name (required)
Pledges are payable by December 31, 2019.

Planned Giving

Parishioners can answer God’s call to faithful Christian stewardship by considering the Bruton Parish Church Foundation, Inc. in their estate plans. Foundation assets are invested to grow for the future.  A portion of the earnings may be distributed annually for the benefit of Bruton Parish, to the greater glory of God.  Choosing the Foundation as a recipient of one’s resources can be of benefit to both the donor and the parish.  

Individuals or couples who remember the Foundation through their will, trust, or other planned gift, regardless of value, will be recognized as members of the 1715 Society.   Periodically, 1715 Society members are listed (with permission) in The Chronicle or (in the future) on a permanent display, as a way to recognize them for taking this extraordinary step.   For more information, please email Marty Easton, Development Director,

Sharing of Time and Talent
We have wonderful ministries at Bruton Parish and can always welcome more participants.  Below is the link to the 2018 Time & Talent Inventory.  Please take a few minutes to fill it out and submit it.

 "According to the grace of God given to me, like a skilled master builder I laid a foundation, and someone else is building on it.  Each builder must choose with care how to build on it." 1 Corinthians 3:10