Sermons & Videos By Bruton Parish Church
Below you'll find links to sermons by the clergy of Bruton Parish Church (they are typically uploaded by Wednesday each week). Please note that these sermons are written and provided for the congregation of Bruton Parish with our parish family life in mind.  If the link does not work, please send an email to Hilary Cooley, Communications Director.
February 2021
Lent 2 (February 28: video)
Lent 1 (February 21: video)
Ash Wednesday (February 17: video)
Last Epiphany (February 14: video)
Epiphany 5 (February 7: text / video)
Last Epiphany - Holy Eucharist (February 14: video)
Last Epiphany - Choral Evensong (February 14: video)
January 2021
Epiphany 4 (January 31: video)
Holocaust Remembrance Day Service (January 27: video)
Epiphany III (January 24: video)
Epiphany II (January 17: video)
Epiphany I (January 10: video)
Christmas II (January 3: video)
December 2020
Christmas I (December 27: video)
Christmas Day (December 25: video)
Christmas Eve (December 24: video)
Fourth Sunday of Advent (December 20: video)
Third Sunday of Advent (December 13: text / video)
Second Sunday of Advent (December 6: video)
First Fridays Advent Video (December 4: video)
November 2020
First Sunday of Advent - The Rev'd Chris Epperson (November 29: video)
Last Pentecost - The Rev'd Jan Brown (November 22: video)
Pentecost 24 - The Rev'd Charlie Bauer (November 15: video)
Pentecost 23 - The Rev'd Lauren McDonald (November 8: text / video)
Do Not Worry - The Rev'd Chris Epperson (November 5: video)
A Remembrance Service (November 4: video)
All Saints' Day - The Rev'd Chris Epperson (November 1: video)
October 2020
Pentecost 21 - A Morning Liturgy - The Rev'd Charlie Bauer (October 25: video)
Pentecost 20 - The Rev'd Chris Epperson (October 18: video)
Pentecost 19 - Choral Evensong (October 11: video)
Pentecost 19 - The Rev'd Lauren McDonald (October 11: text / video)
Pentecost 18 - The Rev'd Jan Brown (October 4: video)
Various Daily Services
A Service for Noonday Prayer - The Rev'd Lauren McDonald (June 17: video)
A Service of Compline - The Rev'd Lauren McDonald (June 15: video)
BCP Daily Devotionals - The Rev'd Lauren McDonald: Introduction, In The Morning, At Noon, In the Evening, and At The Close of Day
Phos Hilaron with The Rev'd Chris Epperson, Beckie Davy & Chris Mooney (Apri 6: video)
Palm Sunday with Bruton Clergy, Chris Mooney & Rebecca Davy (April 5: video)
Noonday Prayer with The Rev'd Chris Epperson (April 4: video)
Compline with The Rev'd Jan Brown (April 3: video)
Noonday Prayer with The Rev'd Jan Brown (April 3: video)
An Order for Compline - The Rev'd Lauren McDonald (April 2: video)
Noonday Prayer with The Rev'd Lauren McDonald (April 2: video)