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The purpose of Friends of Bruton is to provide a means whereby individuals and families, who may live throughout the United States and indeed around the world, may participate in the preservation and promotion of the unique history and spiritual legacy of Bruton Parish Church in Colonial Williamsburg. Friends of Bruton is open to all who share this vision.

As the successor to the first Anglican Church established in the “New World” at Jamestown, Bruton has continued in the spiritual tradition of those early settlers who landed there in May of 1607.
As a Friend of Bruton, you will receive a variety of benefits, including an electronic edition of The Bruton Fount, our periodic e-newsletter especially designed for Our Worldwide Congregation containing articles of interest both historic and spiritual: Spring 2014, Summer 2014, Fall 2014, Winter 2014. Future benefits may include special events, cultural tours, webinars, music programs, and perhaps opportunities for a trip back to Williamsburg!  We'll even inform you of our annual stewardship campaigns.
Because this is a new Bruton outreach program, we have established an opportunity for Friends to be designated as Charter Members by making a  donation of $100 or more.  As an expression of our appreciation for helping us inaugurate this new program, we will be delighted to send a signed copy of Bruton Parish Church: An Architectural History by the distinguished historian, Dr. Carl Lounsbury.  Marking the three-hundredth anniversary of this much beloved 18th century landmark, the author analyzes for the first time the fascinating history of this national shrine and active church building we know today.  Checks should be made payable to Bruton Parish Church, with Friends of Bruton in the memo line, and mailed to Bruton Parish Church.
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We look forward to welcoming you to Our Worldwide Congregation as a Friend of Bruton.
The Rev'd Christopher L. Epperson, Rector


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Friends of Bruton Church & State: "On to Richmond"
Twenty-five Friends of Bruton made the short trip up Interstate 64 to Richmond on June 11 to visit Virginia’s historic and recently renovated state house.
   Entering through the  visi-tor’s entrance, we walked up the stairs that led us back to 1788, through the building housing the longest meeting legislature in North America since 1619. Thank you to our tour guide, Deborah Scott, who led us through both wings of the building.
   Before enjoying lunch, we were privileged to hear from three brief speakers: Hon. G. Paul Nardo, Clerk, Virginia House of Delegates; Hon. Susan Schaar, Clerk, Senate of Virginia; and Molly Ward, Virginia Secretary of Natural Resources.
   The group visited St. Paul’s, where Robert E. Lee and Confederate President Jefferson Davis worshiped, for a visit and talk with their rector, The Rev. Wallace Adams-Riley. He shared with us stories in the life and history of the church, their beautiful architecture, ten Tiffany stained glass windows in the sanctuary, and the church’s ongoing ministries.
   After a tour of the Executive Mansion, we drove to St. John’s, where Patrick Henry delivered his famous “Give me liberty or give me death” speech, before returning to Williamsburg. 
   Our thanks especially to Susan Gaston, whose idea it was to do the trip. The tour of the capitol, the speakers, the luncheon — all arranged by Susan — were great.  Thanks also to Fr. Epperson for making the arrangements for our church tours. His connection with the rector of St. Paul's made that visit especially warm and friendly. It was a good trip that combined history, current events, and our faith. Click here to see a collage of the wonderful photos taken by Jim Blount, member and Friend of Bruton who joined us on the trip!
   As Friends of Bruton, whether near or far, we hope you will find time to join us in fellowship when we plan another trip in the future.
“That was an amazing trip. I enjoyed learning so much about the State Government with the behind the scenes tours and the very interesting and informative speakers. So glad that Susan was along to get us ‘in the know.’  Having come from Delaware, I was very interested in how politics works in Virginia outside of the local news and newspaper opinions.  It was thrilling to see the places where the film Lincoln was shot and hear of the adjustments to the grounds and streets to make it credible. The churches were the highlight of the visit. The rector of St. Paul's was informative. The Tiffany Windows showed the opulence and devotion that former members displayed. The fact that Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis worshiped there made it more memorable.”  Bonnie Smith